Nina admits that she has parented her daughter, Nicolette, out of guilt. She says that because she worked six days a week, she gave her daughter whatever she wanted growing up. This included a credit card, which until recently had no limit and that Nicolette would charge thousands of dollars of designer clothes and purses, personal trainers, and drivers. She says she recently lowered her daughter’s spending limit to $1,000 a month, but that the 15-year-old had a fit.

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Nicolette says that she expects her mom to give her unlimited funds as this is what she’s been used to growing up. She also says that she feels her mother gives her everything she wants because she’s not physically there for her, which the teen says makes her feel unloved.

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Dr. Phil offers Nina advice. “I think when someone feels like they have to have all of these things in order to feel like they’re presentable, to feel like they’re worthy, to feel like they can be acceptable, then they don’t have much self-worth,” he says to her. “Overindulgence is a form of child abuse. It does cripple a child. You see, a child forms their self-image, their self-worth by making attributions to themselves. We watch ourselves in situations and say, ‘Wow, I did that. I overcame that. I accomplished that. I learned about myself that way, so I have confidence that I can do these things.’"

He ensures Nina that it’s not too late for her to re-parent her daughter. In the video above, he tells her how she can start. And, see how Nicolette responds when her mother tells her it’s time for her to get a job.

This episode airs Friday.  Watch more here.

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