“Anybody can be a star in rehab,” Dr. Phil says. “The problem is transformation to the outside. It’s that transition to the outside world.”

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So Dr. Phil created a virtual reality tool to help former addicts transition to the real world after rehab and to prepare for trigger situations.

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“I know that people are going to get in high-risk situations once they get out, and I want to be there in a patient’s head, training folks on how to handle those high-risk situations,” Dr. Phil says. “It offers a unique experience so patients can sit down in a face-to-face setting with me without ever leaving the safety of the facility.”

In the video above from Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil explains more about his innovative program to Carrie, who admits she has a problem with alcohol and has been to rehab numerous times but struggles to stay sober.

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To find out more about Dr. Phil’s virtual reality tool and where it’s offered, visit DrPhil.Rehab.

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