One person dies of heart disease every minute in America. However, by proactively living a heart friendly lifestyle, you may be able to mitigate and reduce your risk. 

Dr. John Whyte, Chief Medical Officer of WebMD and author of the new book “Take Control of Your Heart Disease Risk,” joins Dr. Phil on his Phil in the Blanks podcast to explain how emotions impact the heart and give you tools to help save a life. 

“You just can’t focus on diet and exercise, you need to focus on your emotions as well,” Dr. Whyte says. 

“If you're somebody who struggles with depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness, you need to perk up and listen, because this could be contributing to your risk of having a life-altering or life-ending cardiac event,” Dr. Phil says. “It's time to stop ignoring this mind body connection when it comes to our heart.”

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