Brittany claims that her father, Tim, sexually molested her over 100 times from age 6 to 13. She claims the abuse started when she went to live with him after being sexually abused by her mother’s ex-fiancé. Watch her story here.

Tim adamantly denies sexually abusing his daughter. He claims Brittany’s mother brainwashed Brittany into lying – an accusation Brittany’s mother denies.

WATCH: Woman Says She’s Convinced Ex-Husband Molested Their Daughter

Brittany, who says she now has a hard time trusting men, explains, “My dad has completely ruined my self-esteem.”

In the video above, Dr. Phil tells Brittany how he believes she can begin to reclaim her life.

“If you have a damaged personal truth – you said your self-esteem is wrecked -- you generate the results in life you think you deserve. You can’t let that happen,” Dr. Phil says. “You have to claim that.”

He suggests that Brittany forgive her father for whatever she believes he has done to her – for her own well-being.

“When you are in hatred and bitterness with somebody, you’re locked with them,” Dr. Phil continues. “When you forgive them, you don’t say, ‘It’s OK;’ You say, ‘No, no. I refuse to be locked into a bond with you the rest of my life.’”

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday. Watch more here.