Paul recently learned that his wife of 12 years, Alaska, has not been completely honest with him. He says she started a cuddling business about a year ago and assured him she would not be participating in the cuddling – but on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Alaska revealed that she does cuddle clients. She says she has even traveled out of state to meet men and women to cuddle – as well as spend days with clients and even go out to dinner with them. He says he doesn’t understand why the mother of his child has been dishonest with him if she’s actually providing a genuine service.

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Alaska insists that she’s only providing cuddling services and that her behavior has never crossed the line or jeopardized her marriage.

Dr. Phil offers advice to the couple. “Deception is not good in a marriage,” he says. “She’s admitted she’s lying to you.”

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To Paul, he continues, “What you have to decide is if you are OK with your wife going to dinner with other men and getting paid to do that.”

He explains that if Alaska is transparent about her behavior, the couple can create a plan that both agree to.

“There is a legitimate role to be played, like, for people who have a difficult time in life. And you can do that without all the sexual provocativeness,” he says to Alaska. “There are ways to work this out, but, ‘I don’t care what he thinks.’ ‘He can just go pound sand,’ is not a way that you two are going to get to a place of being peaceful.”

Hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice in the video above. And, is Alaska ready to change her behavior?

This episode airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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