Chloe Ayling says in July 2017, she went to Milan, Italy for a photoshoot. The young model claims, however, that when she arrived at the studio, she was handcuffed and drugged by two masked men. She claims that she was then stuffed into a duffel bag, placed in the trunk of a car and driven for hours before arriving at a farmhouse where she was held for six days.

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In the video above, Ayling describes talking with one of her alleged captors who she says informed her that her pictures had been posted to a website and she was for sale for $300,000 by Black Death, a massive criminal organization.

“He said, ‘You’ve been kidnapped for sex trafficking,’” Ayling tells Dr. Phil in an exclusive daytime interview airing Thursday.

WATCH: Chloe Ayling Claims She Led On Captor To Survive Alleged Kidnapping

Hear why Ayling says she was then told that her kidnapping was a “mistake.” And on Thursday’s episode, hear more about her alleged ordeal, including how she says she was finally released. How does she respond to accusations that she faked being kidnapped? Check here to see where you can watch.

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