A day after then 19-year-old University of Minnesota Junior Abby Honold was brutally raped in 2014 by fellow student Daniel Drill-Mellum; she received a message on social media asking her to call a friend of his to discuss the event. Unknown to Abby at the time, two of Drill-Mellum’s friends recorded the call.

In the video above, Abby tells Dr. Phil that the case against Drill-Mellum was temporarily derailed when Minneapolis police dropped the charges against him after hearing the recording.

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“I received a phone call from the detective telling me that they were dropping charges because I had admitted that it was consensual,” Abby says she was baffled. “I thought they must have edited it in some way - they must have doctored it – I thought: ‘I would have never said that.’”

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How did a police officer for the University of Minnesota become involved in the investigation of an off-campus sexual assault after Minneapolis police dropped it? And just how many more women does Abby say have come forward with claims that they too, were attacked by Drill-Mellum?

Tune in to Dr.Phil on Tuesday for the rest of this engrossing interview with rape survivor Abby Honold. Later, meet the attorney who believed in her, and the dogged investigator who wouldn’t stop until he brought down Abby’s rapist.

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