Tim and Kimber say their 16-year-old daughter, Brittney’s, behavior is out of control. They say the teen has dropped out of school and spends her days at the skate park smoking marijuana and drinking. Admitting that at times they have disagreed on how to best parent Brittney and that they are out of options, they turned to Dr. Phil for help.

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“One of the biggest issues here is that she has been able to divide and conquer,” Dr. Phil tells the parents. “The problem is she may have gotten what she wants, but she hasn’t gotten what she’s needed.”

Dr. Phil says that the couple must work to change their behavior, and then it may be time for Brittney to enter a residential treatment program. He introduces Nichomi Higgins, assistant program director for the Center for Discovery, which specializes in helping troubled underachieving teens, who explains how their program may be suitable for Brittney.

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“It’s clear that she’s hurting. It’s clear that she’s angry. And our focus with her is respecting the fact that she does want to be independent but really helping her understand that her anger and her hurt is resulting in behaviors that are really only hurting her and making it harder for her to achieve her goals,” Nichomi tells the parents.

Dr. Phil adds, “You guys have truly rewarded bad behavior. You have violated some of the fundamental principles of parenting, and you’ve got the tail wagging the dog here.”

Hear more in the video above, including how Kimber’s battle with postpartum psychosis may be contributing to her negative relationship with her daughter.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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