Krissie and Randy say it’s time for their son, Justin, to grow up, take accountability for his actions and move out of their home. They say the 23-year-old is jobless, ‘smokes weed’ all day and ‘bullies them.’ They also claim that he is not an engaged parent with his 18-month-old daughter.

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Dr. Phil points out the ways Krissie and Randy enable their son’s behavior, giving him no reason to want to leave their home. On Friday’s episode, he offers them -- and all parents – advice for helping children find their way in life.

“Necessity is the mother of invention. When you have a necessity, you will invent something to meet the need,” Dr. Phil says. “He’s never going to observe himself master his life until he is required to do so.”

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This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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