When Jen's 16-year-old daughter, Meredith, texted her from a swimming pool to tell her she was close to having a panic attack because she’d just taken acid (LSD), Jen confirms she responded “OK. All I can say is that I hope it goes OK for you. Nothing I can do for you now."

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“I wanted her to have to experience that without me bailing her out from that result so that she would be less likely to do this in the future,” says Jen.

Her husband, Bill, says he agreed with Jen’s text to their daughter. “The idea behind that was, well, now you’ve done it. You’re going to go through the experience of it whether it’s a good or a bad one. You made the choice. You’re going through it,” he says.

“I would have had a little different response to that one,” Dr. Phil tells the couple on part two of a two-part episode airing Thursday.

Noting concerns over hallucinations, delusions, brain function and more, what does he tell them his first response might have been?

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