Max and Brandi want to know if there’s hope for their crumbling marriage. Max admits that he has cheated on his wife since before they got married and has lied to her about everything from being in the military to how many women he’s cheated with to why he’s late coming home from the gas station. Brandi says after learning about Max’s behavior, she feels like she married a complete stranger. The couple turns to Dr. Phil for help to see if their marriage can – and should – be saved.

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“I think people in America get divorced too quickly; I think they do it too easily. I think it gets to a point where they say, ‘I’m not having fun anymore, I quit.’ And, I think it’s too easy to get married in America,” Dr. Phil tells the couple, adding that he doesn’t believe they should end their relationship at this point.

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Instead, he suggests they go through premarital counseling.

“In premarital counseling, you sit down and you go through and figure out, ‘OK, if we’re going to be married, where do we stand on the elements that define a marriage. Where do we stand on expectations for the marriage? Where do we stand on such mundane things as division of labor, children, geography, in-laws, religion, money?” he explains. “Come up with a plan that both of you can be excited about.”

To Max, he says, “You have cheated. You’ve run this off in the ditch. You need to get it back up on the road. And that doesn’t mean you work on it for a week or a month – you work on it until, until you have earned and restored that trust.”

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Dr. Phil offers to provide the couple with individual and couples counseling through Doctor on Demand, an app he created with his son Jay.

“You give me 45 days, and you’re going to have clarity on this one way or another,” Dr. Phil tells them.

This episode airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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