Melissa says since her mother died a-year-and-a-half ago, she has been on a “downward spiral.” She says she cries daily, fights with her boyfriend and has changed the way she is as a mom to her two sons.

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“My mother was my best friend. She was my backbone. When she died, I died with her,” Melissa tells Dr. Phil on Wednesday's episode. “I just told myself I don’t know how I’m going to get through my days anymore. I literally felt like I lost myself too.”

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Dr. Phil reviews the statements Melissa says to herself. He points out that she has told herself that she has no backbone, she died when her mom died and life is over. “I don’t ask myself why you’re absent, behaving this way. I ask myself why not,” he tells her. “You’re programming yourself at 10 speed. So, maybe we need to change your internal dialogue.”

What does Dr. Phil suggest Melissa do to help her move on with her life in a positive direction? Check here to see where you can watch Wednesday's episode.

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