Autumne graduated from college last year and says she’s struggled with finding a job that she is passionate about. She says her first job was “mindless and boring,” and then at the second, she felt “underappreciated and overworked.”

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She asks Dr. Phil, “How can I gain clarity when it comes to figuring out what I should do for my career?”

Dr. Phil introduces Autumne to Dr. Art Markman, professor, member of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board and author of Bring Your Brain to Work. After reviewing two different tests Autumne took -- one that looked at her personality characteristics and one that examined her values -- Dr. Markman offers the young woman advice. Watch in the video above.
On Tuesday’s episode, learn more about Dr. Markman’s book, including three important mental systems you need to optimize for success. Check here to see where you can watch.