“Making time for fun in your life on a regular basis is really important for your emotional and mental well-being,” Dr. Phil says. “Not only can it help lower stress, but it can also keep you feeling youthful and have more energy.”

Dr. Phil says to add some fun to his life, he plays tennis regularly, watches movies, and plays games like Solitaire Grand Harvest. You can download Solitaire Grand Harvest on your phone for free at the App Store or Google Play, or scan the QR code in the video above. Learn more here: https://grandharvest.onelink.me/CT7t/u34s03ll. And, when you join, you’ll get a special welcome bonus of 10,000 coins! 

“This app reinvents the nostalgic fun!” Dr. Phil says. “It’s a great way to unwind and have the perfect ‘me time.’”

Dr. Phil challenges audience members to play Solitaire Grand Harvest with him. See who wins in the video above!