Schools across the nation have closed to stop the coronavirus threat, and now, parents have a new title to add to their resumes: teacher. Setting up home to work like school is a challenge for both parents and children.

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Per the CDC’s guidelines, which Dr. Phil takes very seriously, he has shut down taping in studio with guests and is recording alone in his “man cave,” with guests joining via video conference and his crew working remotely.
Dr. Edgardo and his wife, Michelle, say their 9-year-old son, Tre, is having trouble accepting that his home is now his school, especially with the numerous distractions.

“They can get up and go to the kitchen, get a snack when they want, grab something to drink,” Michelle says about her children. “Tre’s thing is he loves to sharpen pencils.”

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Dr. Phil tells parents that their homes need to operate on the Premack principle: Kids must do less desirable things in order to have access to more desirable things – and parents must enforce it 100%. Hear his explanation in the video above.  
“That’s how children learn self-discipline,” he says.
On Tuesday’s episode, hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice for tackling the new challenges parents face as kids are home from school and some are missing big events and togetherness because of home isolation and social distancing. Check here to see where you can watch.
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