“Something is normal if it does not interfere with healthy functioning and pursuit of goals,” Dr. Phil says. “Abnormal interferes with healthy functioning and pursuit of goals.”

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In the video above, Dr. Phil speaks with Danielle, who says that extreme anxiety has taken over her life. She says she monitors her blood pressure multiple times a day, checks her blood pH and has been rushed to the ER 15 times for severe panic attacks. Once known as the life of the party, the mom of three says she can no longer drive or work, and can’t take care of her children on her own.

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“Right now, your health management, your health focus, your health preoccupation interferes with your functioning and pursuit of goals,” he tells Danielle. “So it’s abnormal.”

Is there hope for Danielle to overcome her anxiety? See what Dr. Phil suggests on Friday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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How A Woman Can Get Her Extreme Anxiety Under Control