Mandi Woodruff-Santos says over the past decade, she has become the “queen of quitting.” She says sometimes leaving a job is the best move you can make for your career. The money and career expert and podcast co-host says she has quit six jobs over the last 11 years and increased her salary by almost $200,000.
“Now, at age 34, I’m on track to have a million-dollar net worth by my 40th birthday,” Mandi says.

Hear Mandi’s top tips for how to quit and negotiate a better salary in the video above.
As over 30 million Americans quit their jobs this year, on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'The Great Resignation': Do Quitters Ever Win?" Dr. Phil speaks to guests from very different backgrounds to discuss “The Great Resignation” and the phenomenon of “Rage Quitting.” Hear from a 21-year-old who posted an online video of himself quitting his job over a store’s PA system, and a Harvard Business School professor who says workers need to learn new skills if they want to survive and thrive. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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Watch As Man Quits Job Over Store’s PA System

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