As mass shootings become more frequent in the American news cycle – occurring at places like schools, supermarkets, and churches, to name a few – parents often wonder how to speak to their children about these tragedies. Should they discuss it with their kids to control the narrative, or should they wait for children to bring it up to them?
Dr. Phil says if you decide to speak with your children about a shooting, plan ahead and know what you are going to say.

“If you make the decision to talk to your child about this, then you want to do it in an age-appropriate way,” Dr. Phil says. “You want to define that based on their questions to you. Ask them what they know, listen very carefully to the words that they use, and meet them where they are. Don’t ask them to meet you where you are.”
Hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice on speaking with children of all ages in the video above. And, hear what he suggests parents discuss with their child’s school.
On Wednesday’s episode, "Texas Shooting: Enough is Enough," Dr. Phil dedicates his platform to discussing how to stop these mass shootings from happening over and over. Learn what school shooters have in common and how you may be able to identify a possible shooter. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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