Zona and Shayna say they’re convinced they are pregnant even though numerous tests, ultrasounds and blood work prove they are not. Zona claims she’s been pregnant for nearly four years, and Shayna says she’s been carrying a baby for more than a year. The women say they just want someone to take them seriously.

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Dr. Phil describes to the women the concept of confirmation bias in an effort to explain why they may be so sure they are pregnant although medical tests show otherwise.

“Confirmation bias is when people are only seeking out information that supports one’s beliefs, while ignoring any evidence that contradicts,” Dr. Phil explains. “You believe something, so you’re biased toward your belief.”

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When Zona tells Dr. Phil that she knows 1,000 percent that she’s pregnant, Dr. Phil continues.

“This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about,” he tells her. “You have a lot of evidence that contradicts that, and you reject it, and hang on to one thing that you believe. That’s a perfect example of confirmation bias.”

In the video above from Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil further explains confirmation bias. Do Zona or Shayna admit they may be suffering from this? Are either of them willing to rethink their beliefs? Check here to see where you can watch.

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