Kris, 43, has been chasing his dream of being a rock-and-roll superstar his entire life. He says he’s “addicted to fame” and just like a drug addiction, he claims the pursuit of his dream has cost him everything.

WATCH: 43-Year-Old Determined To Be A Rock Star: “I’m Addicted To Wanting To Be Somebody”

He admits that he’s manipulated friends and family into giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars toward his rock dream, which has destroyed his relationships with his mom and stepdad, his fiancée and his teenage daughter.

In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews how Kris has manipulated his family and friends to give him $1.7 million.

“If you can’t take $1.7 million and get some traction, you’re either the dumbest marketer in the history of the world – or – you just don’t have what the public is looking for,” Dr. Phil tells Kris.

Is Kris ready to face reality? On Friday’s show, his rock idol, Gene Simmons from KISS, makes a surprise appearance to help set Kris straight. Watch more here.