Amie says over the last few years, she’s had heartbreak surrounding pregnancies and baby births. She claims that at 19 weeks, she miscarried a baby whom she named Ava. She says shortly after, she became pregnant with twins, which she says passed away shortly after they were born at 33 weeks 4 days.

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To add to her pain, she says her former friend, Courtney, questions her pregnancies and babies deaths – and even started an online hate group to plot against her.

Amie claims these events caused her to consider suicide. “Life was hell. Like I was going through hell and back,” she tells Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s episode.

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“This was a few days after you had a gender disclosure party, and the father asked you for proof that you were pregnant? Right?” Dr. Phil asks.

“And he did get proof. He got hospital papers from with blood results that I handed to him,” Amie says.

How does Amie respond when Dr. Phil asks, “Have you said you were pregnant when you weren’t?”

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On Tuesday’s episode, see what causes Amie to walk off the stage and have an explosive meltdown backstage. Check here to see where you can watch.

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