Stacey Esterly says when her husband, Kevin, ran away with their daughter’s 16-year-old best friend, Amy Yu, her world was turned upside down. The mom of four says she and Kevin considered Amy to be a “fifth daughter,” and she never would have suspected the two were involved in a relationship.

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Kevin is now being held in jail on $500,000 bail, charged with interfering with the custody of a child, and Stacey is left to pick up the pieces for herself and their four daughters, who struggle to understand where their father is.

“Your girls have you, and they have each other. And clearly, they’re going to feel a sense of disruption here. They’re going to feel a sense of betrayal, just as if he’s done this to them just as he has to you,” Dr. Phil tells Stacey in an exclusive interview airing Thursday. “He’s betrayed his vows to you, but he’s also betrayed a family commitment to the girls, so they’re violated as well. And when you lose a relationship like that, you’re shocked, you’re angry, you’re depressed, and you’re just really upset about it, and there’s going to be a grieving process.”

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Dr. Phil suggests that when emotions arise for Stacey, she give them a voice.

“You’re entitled to your feelings and emotions. It’s OK for the girls to see you cry. It’s OK for them to see you upset, because that’s real,” he continues. “But they also need to see you wake up the next day and say, ‘OK, it’s a new day, and here we go.’ It’s OK to be real with them and to talk about it openly. And talking about it is very important; don’t walk around like nothing happened.”

Hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice in the video above, including what Stacey can say to the girls, aged 2-14, about their father’s behavior and where he is.

This episode airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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'In My Heart, I Don't Want To Believe That They Were Sexual,' Says Woman Whose Husband Ran Away With Daughter’s 16-Year-Old Best Friend