Rebecca wrote to Dr. Phil for help with her relationship with her boyfriend of two years, Josh. She says Josh is a “controlling narcissist.” She says Josh tries to tell her how to clean, take care of their daughter and maintain a household – and that he often makes her feel like nothing she does is good enough.

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Josh says Rebecca has the potential to be a good wife; she just needs to be taught – something he says he is working on with her.

Rebecca claims that last year, she asked Josh to see a therapist, and he responded with “he would rather pay for a hooker.”

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In the video above, Josh responds to the statement, “Not in a million years I’d say that, Rebecca. That’s totally false.”

Josh says he’s not opposed to therapy, but, “I don’t want to pay for therapy for something that I think that two grown people should be able to take care of on their own.”

Will this couple decide to try and work things out? Watch more from Friday's episode here.

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