Melissa says she was 12 years old when she was taken from her family home in a “police style” raid due to her mother’s drug addiction and put in foster care.

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“The whole experience was very traumatic. I was so heartbroken when I was told I wasn’t going back with my mom,” she recalls. “I got put into foster care because of my mom’s meth addiction.”

She says over the course of six years, she lived in six different homes and says she eventually stopped caring about herself. “I started doing what I wanted and getting into a lot of trouble,” she says.

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She says she was 15 when she started smoking marijuana and by 18, she was smoking meth. At 19, she was homeless and pregnant.

“I met this guy who I thought was helping me out. But it turned into a domestic violence situation,” Melissa says. “One time, he choked me and was grabbing me and beating me up. I was bleeding everywhere. He said, ‘I can’t do it. I was going to kill you, but I can’t do it.’ So he let me go. Somebody called the cops and took me to the hospital.”

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She says when her son was 3 months old, Child Protective Services took him away because she was homeless and on drugs.

“I am the third generation of addicts and abuse,” Melissa says. “I never believed that I would become like my mother, but I did.”

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