Newlywed Amber says her  marriage with Jim is being destroyed by “Jim’s compulsive gambling addiction”.

“Jim’s gambling is out of control. Any time Jim has a chance, he will gamble,” Amber says. “When I first met Jim, he was extremely well-off. He had a very lucrative business, three vehicles, a nice house – right now, every bit of it is gone.”

It’s gotten so bad, that Jim estimates he’s lost roughly $300,000 in just the year-and-a-half he’s been married to Amber. Over the course of his lifetime, Jim says he’s lost over $800,000.

“I’m like a zombie. I can’t get away from it,” Jim admits of his addiction.

Jim even told Amber he had received a testicular cancer diagnosis – he says so he would have more opportunities to leave the house and go gamble.

“All the times Jim said that he was going to the doctor for check-ups, he was actually gambling,” Amber says. “Who lies about having cancer?!?”

Amber claims that one of the worst things Jim has done to support his habit was when he pawned her $10,000 wedding ring.

“That’s one of the things I’m most ashamed of,” Jim says.

Amber says she’s now on the verge of filing for divorce, and has come to Dr. Phil with her husband as a “last resort” to save their marriage.