Marcia says her friend of over 50 years, Deanna, was always upbeat, fun and very social. However, she says since Deanna was diagnosed with alopecia, she has been down on herself.
“Deanna doesn’t feel beautiful because she has alopecia,” Marcia says. “The alopecia makes her lose her hair, and this is all really affecting her self-worth.”

Deanna’s husband, Tim, says, “Deanna will say to me, ‘I can’t believe you stay with me. I’m ugly.’”
Marcia says in addition to the alopecia, Deanna suffers from other medical conditions as well. “This just compounds the fact that she doesn’t feel attractive because she’s lost hair,” she says. “I don’t understand why she can’t love herself as much as we all love her and see that sparkle that we see.”
Hear more from Marcia and Tim in the video above.
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