Heather and John say the last five years of their nine-year marriage have been tumultuous. John says after a back injury, Heather, a nurse, began abusing prescription drugs, which he claims has caused her to become physically and verbally abusive. Heather says that it’s John’s drinking that causes her to inject a variety of drugs.

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Heather tells Dr. Phil what she calls the “real story” of how John drinks.

“He will take a 12oz glass, and he will fill it with whiskey, and he will chug it down,” she claims. “He’s gagging the whole time to get it down … He doesn’t even pass out. He falls asleep for three hours, and wakes up and does this whole thing over, and over, and over.”

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In the video above, John disagrees with Heather’s accusations. What does he say about his behavior?

Is there hope for this dysfunctional relationship? See what happens on Tuesday’s episode. Check here to see where you can watch.

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