Chuck and Amanda say their six-year marriage is filled with rage, nagging and lies, and the only way they communicate with each other is screaming and arguing. They also admit that many of their arguments take place in front of their two young sons.

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“My husband, Chuck, has a short fuse,” claims Amanda, who adds that Chuck needs to “step up and be a better husband and father.”

Chuck claims Amanda constantly nags him and emasculates him in front of their children to the point that he loses his temper. “I feel like I’m backed in the corner and I explode,” he says.

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Amanda claims that one of the issues driving a wedge between her and Chuck is that he “constantly lies.”

“He’s deceitful about why he’s lost jobs, about smoking, about money he’s spending,” she claims.

Chuck maintains that he’s “come clean” with Amanda and is not hiding anything from her.

However, Dr. Phil says that Chuck has said things that give him reason to believe otherwise.

“I’m not going to out your secrets, but you’ve told us things since you got here that she doesn’t know about,” Dr. Phil says. “I know that I’m sitting here with a marriage that’s based on deception. You’re not honest with your wife. “

He tells Chuck he has a decision to make. “You’re either going to come clean with her about everything in your life, or you need to decide that you want to go your own way.”

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Is Chuck ready to reveal this information to his wife? Watch the video above to find out.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Watch more here.