Paul and Julie have been together for 13 years and married for nearly five years.

But Paul says he felt he was forced to marry Julie after they had been together for so long.

“I felt obligated to marry Julie. She really, really wanted me to. Now I feel a little bit of resentment towards her,” Paul says on Monday’s Dr. Phil.

Julie claims Paul has changed from being a loving partner into an abusive husband.

“My husband Paul degrades me every single day,” Julie claims.

Paul – who admits to losing his temper at times, but denies abusing Julie – says he is frustrated with his wife, claiming Julie is irresponsible with money and says she can’t hold a job.

“She’s more of a burden than a wife,” he adds.

Watch the video above as Paul and Julie discuss the state of their relationship – and why Paul says his wife acts like “a child.”