A former Ohio attorney, Michael Fine, was sentenced in September 2016 to 12 years behind bars after having agreed to a plea deal in which he admitted to charges related to having hypnotized and allegedly molested half a dozen women; several of whom he had previously represented in a legal capacity. The high-profile case generated quite a bit of media attention and more women have come forward with claims that Fine had hypnotized and assaulted them.

In the video above, Los Angeles-based hypnotherapist John Sahakian describes how hypnosis can work. “It’s actually a state of amplified awareness. You’re very alert, but also very relaxed at the same time.”

As to why some people can become especially vulnerable or suggestible while under hypnosis, Sahakian says “There is such a thing as hypno amnesia, where you cannot remember what happened.”

“What we’re talking about here is a ‘power transaction,’” responds Dr. Phil; referring to Michael Fine and the women who are accusing him. “Because you’re in a context here of extreme vulnerability, and these people are being groomed – just like a predator – a pedophile – would groom a child.”

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