Donna claims her daughter, Brittany, is a “ticking time-bomb” who rages at and threatens the entire household. Her ex-husband, Steven, says he thought Donna was exaggerating about Brittany’s behaviors until she came to live with him several months ago. Now he claims the 28-year-old is “a Jekyll and Hyde” with “serious psychological problems.”

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Claiming she’s an angel, Brittany adamantly denies her parents’ claims insisting that she has never threatened Donna or anyone else.

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Video surveillance footage taken from the hotel lobby where she and her family were guests of Dr. Phil shows an altercation between Brittany and Donna that took Steven and several security personnel to break up.

“I absolutely want this drama out of my house and out of my life,” says Donna, who insists she can no longer have Brittany living in her home. However, both Donna and Steven say they believe that Brittany is incapable of being on her own.

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