“Steven is very controlling, extremely narcissistic, jealous. He has called me a prostitute, whore, bitch, liar,” Danielle says of her partner of 20 years. “He is not my boyfriend; he is this person who is my keeper and my jailer. I am a prisoner in my own home.” 

Danielle says Steven accuses her of prostituting herself which she adamantly denies. She says that he hides cameras in the house to spy on her, and says that things are so bad, she moved out of their bedroom and into the basement. 

“I’m tired of living with a scarlet letter on my chest,” the mom of two says. 

Hear more of Danielle’s story in the video above. 

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'Paranoia, Jealousy, and Wild Accusations,'" Steven explains why he says he can no longer trust Danielle – and claims he has evidence to prove his claims. Check local listings to see where you can watch. 

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