“I am an Apostle, anointed by The Lord, Joshua,” declares the man (also named Joshua), who claims “I am a true prophet of The Lord.” 

Currently homeless, Joshua says he sometimes stays in a shelter and sometimes sleeps on a park bench. He says he spends his days walking, and talking with people. “Where I preach is where I go to get connected.”

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The former National Guardsman, who served in Iraq seven years ago, claims that’s where he began having visions. “I believe God speaks directly to me,” he claims. Joshua says once when he was walking the streets; he saw a piece of bread drop from the sky. He says he believes it was “a symbol from God that -as I was praising him - he was reciprocating.”

“Joshua is crazy,” says ex-girlfriend, Jem. On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, she claims before she got away from him two years ago, Joshua manipulated her “I won’t blame him for me being so naive, but I know that he is an absolute danger to others.”

Joshua says “there were a lot of people who thought I was an abusive person. But we had an agreement in our relationship that was very spiritual.”

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‘I Was Ignorant. I Didn’t Know What I Was Doing,’ Says Man Whose Ex Claims He Used God To Justify Manipulating Her