Susan says she believes her 35-year-old son, who recently had his name legally changed to Sexy Vegan, isn’t functioning in society. Claiming the son she named Hans at birth is “weird, immature, spoiled and misunderstood,” Susan says he’s the “most entitled person” she knows.

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“Sexy parades around in Speedos and refers to himself as the ‘Vegan Messiah.’ He thinks he’s the second coming who can change the world and no one can tell him otherwise,” says Susan.

Sexy acknowledges he regularly gets kicked out of stores and has been arrested multiple times since moving to California in 2016.

Susan admits she makes those behaviors possible. “I am an enabler and I can’t help it,” she says.

Revealing that she received an $11 (m) million dollar inheritance from her late husband’s estate, Susan claims she’s spent nearly $200,000 on her son in the past year-and-a-half alone. “I bought him a car, gave him two of my cars, some condos, and a house,” she says.

Susan claims she wants help for Sexy and says she’ll try to stop enabling him.

“I don’t work with triers, I work with doers,” Dr. Phil tells her on Thursday’s episode.

Why does Sexy say he thinks he’s entitled to money from his father’s inheritance?

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