“I am appalled by the way I’m living,” says Robin, an admitted hoarder, adding, “I’ve not been excited, optimistic, or had hope in a very long time.” She says that when she was a child, her mother called her “Rob-the slob” – and it stuck.

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“Like a gopher, I get in my hole and I gather things around me so I’m protected,” says the 71-year old who admits she has trouble throwing anything away.

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Currently living with half a dozen dogs and a cat in one bedroom of a rented home where she admits she isn’t even able to use the kitchen, Robin says, “This is exactly what drowning looks like. This is it. This is above water drowning.”

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Describing her hoarding as “controlling,” “overpowering,” and “debilitating,” Robin acknowledges she is on the verge of being evicted by her landlord. Does Dr. Phil have a plan to find her help?

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Admitted Hoarder Reveals Why She Can’t Throw Anything Away