Bryan Abrams hit success as part of the 90s R&B group Color Me Badd. As the band gained success with songs like “I Want to Sex You Up,” and “I Adore Me Amor,” Abrams says his drinking grew out of control. He says what started as taking a shot to ease his nerves before going on stage turned into blackout drinking with serious consequences.

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Abrams says he has gotten physical with his wife, Kim, and last summer, he pushed his bandmate Mark Calderon on stage during a performance.

Abrams tells Dr. Phil on Wednesday's episode that he’s ready to change.
“I am here because I want to be sober. I want to be a better husband. I want to be a better father. I want to be a better friend,” he says.

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Hear more in the video above. And, Dr. Phil explains to Abrams how his personal truth is affecting his behavior, and what he must do if he wants to fix his problems.
On Wednesday, hear from Abrams’ bandmate Mark Calderon and see the push that led to Abrams’ arrest and Calderon filing a restraining order against him. Check here to see where you can watch.