Chantelly says that growing up, she was a straight-A student, earned medals and awards and even earned a four-year college scholarship. But, she says college wasn’t for her, so she dropped out, changed her name to Telly Zelly and is now an aspiring rapper.

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“I’m truly just following my passion for art, seriously, and just following my passion for music,” Telly Zelly says. “I am the female Drake. Whether people choose to believe it or not, they will see it soon.”

Telly Zelly admits that her new lifestyle is straining her relationships with her mom and other family members, but she says they need to accept her for who she is. “The real problem is with my family, honestly, and the fact that they choose not to open their minds, expand their horizons,” the 20-year-old says. “I’m Telly Zelly. I do me. I like to make music. I like to live life. I like good vibes, good food, good bud. And I just be chillin', taking it day by day.”

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In the video above, hear about a controversial tattoo Telly Zelly got – and why she shared the video on social media. And, see what happens when she faces her mom and aunt who don’t agree with her new lifestyle.  
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