Andrea says she’s concerned about the conditions her grandson is living in with her daughter, Savannah.

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“I fear that the baby could be taken away from her,” she says. “I really question her mothering.”

“My mom isn’t even present in my son’s life, so I don’t know how she could say that,” Savannah says. Turning to her mother, she continues, “You have no room to speak on my son. Period. No room.”

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Dr. Phil explains to Savannah that he believes families should be unified, and he has no intention of separating hers. In fact, his wife, Robin, recently testified on Capitol Hill to move Congress to keep young mothers who are addicted to heroin or opioids with their children during treatment, with supervision.

“I’m not willing to lose my son,” Savannah tells her mother. “I am willing to put myself on TV before I lose my son.”

See more of Savannah and Andrea’s heated exchange in the video above. And on Friday’s episode, see what happens when Andrea tells Savannah something about her father. Check here to see where you can watch.

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