Steve says he believes that he and his wife, Sam, are both staying in their 16-year marriage for the sake of their 10-year-old son, “and because of general life convenience.”

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He says that currently, there is a lot of drama and conflict in the marriage due to their son’s behaviors which he claims include lying, talking back, destroying others’ property and more. He admits he gets frustrated and sometimes raises his voice to the child.

“Sam tells me to calm down and questions why I’m yelling,” says Steve, claiming that his wife yells at their son too. “I’ve pointed that out to her, and she says that I do it more.”

Noting that he and Sam don’t get any personal time together because their son currently sleeps on a blow-up mattress in their room, Steve says intimacy has been missing from their relationship for a long time, and that the disruption with their son has put a strain on their marriage. “There are times I say ’What’s the point?’ I am willing to walk away at this point,” he says.

Sam claims that Steve is constantly angry, closed off, and antagonistic toward their son. She says she’s just not attracted to that.

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