Julia says she has been able to cure a rare form of cancer, has helped free others from sin and raised a frog from the dead, and says these miracles and more are because she has been chosen as God’s prophet to be used as a vessel for His good work.

“I believe God has anointed me as a prophet for His kingdom,” she says. “God speaks to me through the Bible, through dreams and visions, through other people. When God asks me to do things, I do those things.”

Some of the things Julia claims God told her to do included quitting her high-paying job, which she did and, according to her parents, ended up homeless with her children; and she says God told her that it was her destiny to marry a man named “Jeff,” so she says she searched for men with that name, and says one man threatened to seek a restraining order against her for stalking.

Julia also claims there have been times when people have been healed after she has prayed for them. “I was able to help a friend of mine who had been diagnosed with a rare type of leukemia. When he went back to the doctor, the bloodwork came back normal,” she says. “I want to make it very clear: it’s not me that’s healing these people, it’s God through me.”

But some people question her abilities, including her parents, whom she calls blasphemous and disrespectful of her relationship with God. “My parents think that I’m mentally ill, and I think that’s crazy,” Julia says. “Because of what I believe, my parents have tried to have me institutionalized three times over the past two years.”

The family turns to Dr. Phil for help.

Dr. Phil asks Julia about her claims that she has raised a dead frog and attempted to raise a dead chicken. “Do you test your reality to say, ‘Has God anointed me to resurrect this frog or this dead chicken?’” he asks in the video above. “Seriously, I don’t think you’re called to road kill.”

“I’m not, but I also know that as you’re learning your faith, you can’t just start big, either. You have to start small,” she says. “You’ve got to start somewhere.”

“Let’s start with testing reality and say, ‘Would that be a reasonable expectation?’” Dr. Phil says.

“If that is how I can test my faith in a small arena, I don’t see anything wrong with that,” Julia says.

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