Annie says she is convinced a Michael Jackson song was written about her. “I believe I am ‘Annie’ from Michael Jackson’s song ‘Smooth Criminal.’”

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The former model and mother of three, says she was in a physically abusive relationship at the time the song was written and says it describes what was happening in her life. “Why would Michael Jackson put so much emphasis on my name if he didn’t want me to figure it out?” she asks.

WATCH: Woman Says Mom Is Convinced Michael Jackson Wrote ‘Smooth Criminal’ About Her

However, Annie’s daughter Akeeya says her mother is delusional and says there is no way she is “Annie” from the song.

Annie, who is currently homeless and raising her 14-year-old daughter on the streets, says she wants the rights to the song and believes Jackson would have wanted her to have the money.

WATCH: Woman Addresses Claims That She Is Delusional

“I have been stolen from all my life. Even my life story from “Smooth Criminal” was stolen from me, and I didn’t get anything,” Annie says. “I want the rights to my song; I am Annie!”

Hear more of Annie’s explanation in the video above. And Wednesday’s episode of Dr.Phil, Michael Jackson’s former sound and audio engineer reveals who the “real Annie” is. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Why Woman Says She’s Convinced Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ Was Written About Her