Mary claims her 22-year-old daughter, Jessica, becomes emotionally volatile and can be very emotionally and verbally abusive to everyone she knows, including her 2-year-old daughter.


“I watched Jessica berate her little daughter time and time again for developmentally appropriate behavior,” she says. Mary claims Jessica leaves her daughter with strangers while she earns a living stripping and working for “various pimps.”

Jessica’s father, Craig, says he fears his granddaughter is at high risk of sexual and physical abuse by the “sketchy” people Jessica associates with.

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Jessica adamantly denies her parents’ assertions and says she’s a good mother, meeting all of her daughter’s needs. She claims that she was forced into prostitution by a man who had promised to find her work as a model and an exotic dancer. She also claims that her parents were verbally abusive toward her all the while she was growing up, which they deny. 

How does Jessica respond when Mary says, “I believe she’s even more delusional than I thought she was”?

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