Craig and Mary claim their 22-year-old daughter, Jessica, left the family home in January after they objected to her earning money as a paid date for men.

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“Jessica told us that she was a sugar baby and my wife and I thought that was totally disgusting,” says Craig, adding “It always seems like pimps and very dangerous men are associated with her.”

Jessica, however, claims her parents kicked her out of the house when they learned how she was making money. That’s when she says she decided to move to Las Vegas with her 2-year-old daughter - after meeting a man who promised her fame and fortune working as a model and dancer.

“I came here to be a model with the intent and the fire in my heart that I was going to make it when I got here,” she says, admitting things didn’t go as planned.

Craig claims the man who convinced Jessica to move to Las Vegas was really a pimp who forced her into prostitution, saying “This man put Jessica to work on the street while he stayed at home and watched her daughter.”

Jessica says she and her daughter are now living in a homeless shelter. Why does she claim her parents are to blame?

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