“I spend 10 hours a day researching schizophrenia, bipolar, because I genuinely think I have it,” says Blake. “I can’t accept that I don’t have schizophrenia right now. I think there’s red flags being missed by my family members and my doctors.” 

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Kim says her son, who has traveled the world as a model, has been on a “horrible, mental rollercoaster” for the last 2-½ years and that his mental health is “ruining” his modeling career. “Blake has seen several mental professionals. He will not accept the diagnosis of OCD, general anxiety disorder, and depersonalization disorder,” she says. “Right now, he truly believes that he is developing schizophrenia.”
Kim says Blake spends hours watching videos on diseases and that his behavior is tearing apart their family.

“I try not to enable Blake, but I feel like I have to reassure him everything’s OK,” Kim says.

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Blake admits his “obsession” has changed him as a person and that he feels calm when he’s researching and watching videos.
“My biggest fear is I will truly be diagnosed with schizophrenia, all my dreams will be shattered, and I will end up in a mental hospital for the rest of my life,” Blake says.
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