Jill and Brent say that since their divorce, their 14-year-old daughter, Kendall, smokes marijuana, and has made false allegations against multiple family members, accusing them of abuse.

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Two years ago, Kendall accused Jill, her sister, Lindsey, and Brent, of physically abusing her. More recently, she accused Brent of molesting her.

WATCH: ‘I’m Still In Shock And Heartbroken,’ Says Dad Denying Teen Daughter’s Accusation Of Abuse

“I can’t even believe that this is happening,” says Brent, insisting that Kendall’s accusation is a lie. He adds that he is both heartbroken and angry with his daughter. How does Brent respond when Dr. Phil asks, “Why do you think she chose this particular lie to tell instead of something else?”

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