Angie and her daughter, Hannah, claim they were both molested by Angie’s former stepfather, Ralph, and they say they want to know why Angie’s mom, Leta, didn’t protect them from her husband.

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Leta says she wants to believe her daughter and granddaughter’s claims about Ralph, but says she never saw anything inappropriate. “The first time I heard anything about Ralph from Angie, was about six months before the divorce,” she says. “I only heard that Hannah had been abused by Ralph about two months ago.” She continues, “I never saw anything with my own eyes that would cause me concern. Had I seen or known of anything inappropriate, I would have immediately responded.”

Hannah alleges Ralph would play something called “the naked game” with her and that he would touch her inappropriately while bathing with her in the tub, two or three times a week. She claims Leta was often present when the abuse occurred.

“Bath time appeared to be a happy time with both being playful, pleasant and happy, so there wasn’t a concern,” says Leta who insists she was always there when Ralph bathed Hannah.

Leta says Ralph was “more like a boy than a man, and didn’t have sexual confidence with me, so how could he be sexually confident with either Hannah or Angie?”

Ralph adamantly denies molesting either Hannah or Angie, and Leta maintains she never witnessed any abuse. “I can’t lie here. I can’t say I’ve seen something I haven’t seen,” says Leta. She claims she’s apologized to Angie several times, but Angie doesn’t want to hear it.

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