Katie says when their daughter, Samantha, ended her own life, she and her husband, Dan, found out – not in a phone call from her live-in boyfriend, Jonathon – but from their local police. “To this day, Jonathon has never once offered any condolences to us,” she alleges.

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“Jonathon did not send flowers; Jonathon did not even send a card. Jonathon did not show up at the funeral,” says Dan. The couple claims he blocked family members from seeing condolence messages and comments about him on their daughter's social media accounts.

Katie and Dan, who also claim Jonathon was controlling of Samantha and isolated her from them, say they blame him for her taking her own life. But Jonathon insists he’s not responsible.

“Samantha was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me,” he says.

Jonathan says they had a trusting relationship - until she had an affair.  Now Jonathon claims Samantha was “very emotionally charged and talked about killing herself” when he told her he thought they should break up.

“Katie and Dan have suggested that I was the direct cause of Samantha killing herself; that I was emotionally abusive to her and that Samantha felt like she had to end her life. This was Samantha’s choice. I can’t take responsibility for something that she did. I was never abusive towards Samantha, physically or emotionally,” says Jonathon on Monday’s Dr. Phil.

He’s claiming that Katie and Dan’s grief over Samantha’s death has “manifested into a vendetta” against him.

Why does he say he didn’t attend her funeral?

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