Forty-two-year-old Jeremy says it was a year ago that he began experiencing strange symptoms: headaches, fevers, blurred vision, kidneys burning, skin rashes and frequent, urgent urination. He says he also had to undergo emergency surgery for a “swollen brain.”

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“One time I woke up in the morning and I couldn’t breathe. There were blisters all over my tongue, and the CPAP machine had burned the varnish off the coffee table,” Says Jeremy. “I believe there was borax in my CPAP machine.”

Jeremy claims he discovered a box of borax in his wife, Kelly’s car, and that’s when he says he realized he was being poisoned. “I found it under the passenger seat of her car; typed it in to my phone, started researching it and it was all the symptoms that was going on in my body - which related to the poisoning of borax.”

Jeremy claims Kelly poisoned him to collect on his life insurance policy and move to Florida with their three children. He says he wants to divorce Kelly and take full custody of their daughters.

Kelly adamantly denies poisoning Jeremy. She admits she did have a box of borax in her car – but says it wasn’t so she could poison her husband.

Are Jeremy’s symptoms being caused by borax poisoning, or could there be another explanation for why he’s been so ill? Is Kelly to blame? Tune in to Friday’s Dr. Phil. Click here to check local listings.

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'The Doctors Wouldn’t Believe What Was Going On' Says Man Who Set Out To Prove His Wife Poisoned Him With Borax