Gabby is accused of victimizing couples by promising them a baby to adopt that does not exist.

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In part one of this two-part Dr. Phil, Kyndra, who is 23-weeks pregnant, claims that Gabby stole her identity and ripped ultrasound images of her baby bump and unborn child off social media to send to couples hoping to adopt.

“I couldn’t comprehend why anybody would do that,” she says.

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Lauren and Julio say they believe that the person who told them she was a teenager pregnant with twin girls she wanted to place for adoption was, in fact, Gabby.

“I think that what she’s doing is disgusting,” says Lauren.

And, business partners Amy and Kylie are claiming that Gabby used their adoption website to target hopeful couples with a fake adoption scheme.

“She’s ruining my business,” says Kylie.

Gabby has come to Hollywood to face her accusers on Dr. Phil. Watch the recap from Thursday’s episode above then, tune in to Friday’s conclusion to see what unfolds when she appears on stage.

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