Rob and Stephanie say they’re $50k in debt, and the stress is taking a toll on their marriage.

In the video above, Stephanie says she co-signed a loan for Rob’s commercial landscaping business, then found herself shut out of their joint accounts “So I couldn’t even buy milk for our son.”

“One thing about being self-employed it seems like it’s either feast or famine,” says Rob.

WATCH: Couple $50k In Debt Say They’re On The Verge Of Divorce: ‘Our Financial Situation Is A Mess, And It’s Put Our Marriage In Jeopardy’

Stephanie says she wants a postnuptial agreement giving her 40 percent ownership, and a bigger role in the company.

Rob says that Stephanie’s contributions to the success of his business are “overplayed” and states, “I would not sign a postnuptial agreement giving my wife my company.”

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Is a postnup the answer to this couple’s problems? Dr. Phil has some strong recommendations on Thursday’s show.

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